Connected solutions that make a difference

May 22, 2015 07:30 GMT Telenor Connexion Make the world smarter and your business better. At Telenor Connexion we help companies of all kinds get connected. Connected solutions can help you stay competitive by facilitating increased efficiency, smarter ways of working and new ways of connecting with people. Read how in this brochure!

Xstream MediaMaker™ - industry’s most comprehensive and scalable end-to-end Internet TV solution (Brochure)

May 13, 2015 09:44 GMT Xstream A/S Xstream MediaMaker™ a turnkey OTT & TV Everywhere solution offers benchmark flexibility and scalability, enabling you to: • Deliver top-quality content to all devices • Automate complex processes from end-to-end • Integrate seamlessly with third-party systems • Accelerate time to market • Minimize operational costs • Simplify supply chain management • Optimize merchandising and monetization

M2M Now interview with Hitachi Construction Machinery

May 08, 2015 13:02 GMT Telenor Connexion In this M2M Now interview Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Fujio Matsuda explains their global M2M strategy and relationship with Telenor Connexion. (In English and Japanese) (M2M Now, April/May 2015)

Customer Case O’Learys

Mar 25, 2015 11:50 GMT Chainformation The CCM franchise software platform by Chainformation provides O’Learys network with custom built, easy-to-use tools for the daily operations of a restaurant. In addition to serving as the restaurant chain’s main delivery vehicle of know-how, business critical data and content, the platform now streamlines communication into one single platform that offers:

Telenor Managed Connectivity Datasheet

Mar 18, 2015 15:43 GMT Telenor Connexion Our global Managed Connectivity solution is designed to help you successfully launch, manage, and monetize your connected device business. The solution automates the delivery and management of mobile services to connected devices.

Telenor Cloud Connect Datasheet

Mar 18, 2015 15:37 GMT Telenor Connexion Telenor Cloud Connect is a complete service that connects your products and brings them into the cloud. We supply an end-to-end solution addressing your specific core business needs, giving you a Connected Business Solution.

Customer Case Colorama

Dec 23, 2014 12:03 GMT Chainformation With CCM by Chainformation, Colorama has transformed from a disparate network of stores to a leading Scandinavian retail star equipped with best practice work processes. Colorama worked with Chainformation’s team of development experts to realize a number of features to be used across the retail network.

Report Internet of Things in Sweden (in English)

Dec 10, 2014 10:17 GMT Telenor Connexion Telenor Connexion has commissioned research firm Norstat to survey 100 Swedish manufacturing companies on how they regard the area of IoT. A market that is at the forefront of the global development.

Viagame och Expressen inleder eSportsamarbete

Nov 27, 2014 11:26 GMT Viagame Idag, i samband med att årets upplaga av DreamHack Winter drar igång, lanserar Expressen eSportsajten Gamefeed i nära samarbete med Genom samarbetet får Expressens läsare tillgång till Viagames exklusiva sändningar från de största internationella eSport-turneringarna.

Viagame sänder ett flertal turneringar från DreamHack Winter

Nov 18, 2014 16:55 GMT Viagame Viagame kommer att sända ett flertal turneringar från DreamHack Winter den 27-29 november, med allt innehåll tillgängligt live och on demand. Titlarna i fokus är Hearthstone, Dota2 och CS:GO, där flera av sändningarna kommer att ske på flera språk.