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New handy Tanita guide helps you bounce back into shape with healthier diet and fitness habits

Press Release   •   Jan 23, 2018 05:12 GMT

The Tanita 'Move, measure, motivate' guide is designed to motivate anyone and everyone to get back into a workout routine.

The Christmas and New Year holiday season is well gone, but how’s it going with those sneaky pounds that came with the mouth-watering food that challenges even the most iron-willed of us? If you’re finding it challenging to get back on track after the binging, Tanita has published a handy guide that can benefit your diet and fitness approaches.

Available free to everyone buying a Tanita body composition monitor across the UK from John Lewis, Holland & Barratt and other top stores, the ‘Move, measure, motivate’ guide is a great way to build and sustain fitness and health. Thankfully free of any preaching attitudes, the Tanita guide is designed to motivate anyone and everyone to get back into a workout routine that’ll give you something to celebrate when you hit the beach this summer.

For Tanita, variety of diet and workout is the answer to ramping up your workout plans. And if anyone has insights into how to get out of a workout rut, it’s Tanita, which has been a global leader in body composition and health products for over 70 years.

The ‘Move, measure, motivate’ guide leverages the expertise of Tanita’s extensive network of senior medical and fitness experts from around the world to help readers put some spice into their health and fitness monitoring. The one hundred pages reveal everything anyone needs to know about how to get the most out of their Tanitia body composition monitor, using great graphics to show how to achieve a healthier, fitter you without beating yourself up.

“Starting the journey to improved health and fitness is not more difficult than stepping onto your Tanita monitor,” said Jan Alderlieste, Tanita’s European managing director. He said that with the help of Tanita’s modern body monitors it is easier than ever before to measure and monitor progress in terms of fat loss and muscle gain.

“Ditch those fad diets promising dream results because thanks to Tanita’s easy to use monitors, you’ll soon realise what’s working and what isn’t for you and your individual needs,” Jan points out.

The Tanita guide shows how getting a true picture of your body puts you in control when it comes to eating the right food, drinking the right amount of liquids and doing the right training. Tanita elite dietician Matt Lawson, who has worked with the very best and brightest in professional sport including Team GB, insists that exercise, good body monitoring and a healthy balanced diet are the recipes for success.

“Listen to your body to support your performance. By understanding your weight, muscle mass, fat mass and total body water with the help of a Tanita body composition monitor, you’ll find it easier to set and achieve your training goals,” Matt (pictured below) advises.

Complementary copies of the guide are available to journalists upon request. The guide is available free to the public upon purchase of a Tanita body composition monitor at leading stores and health and sports centres around the UK including, John Lewis, Holland & Barratt and Powerhouse Fitness.

For more information, please contact David Noble at or +44 7785 302 694

Founded in 1923, Tanita Corporation is an ethical healthcare product manufacturer. Tanita’s core objective is to research and bring to market, technologies that facilitate health monitoring, both for professionals and for the (health-conscious) public. The company produces a complete range of innovative scales encompassing everything from scales for jewellery, baby scales, kitchen scales, professional and consumer scales.

Today, Tanita is the world leader in health monitoring technology. With sales of more than 28 million home-use and professional products, Tanita has proven its superior technology, unique design and high manufacturing standards; earning ISO 9001 certification, CE marking, NAWI, MDD, membership of the JQA (Japanese Quality Association) and FDA clearance.

The Company’s international headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, with award-winning manufacturing facilities in Japan and China. It also maintains sister companies in the USA, China and Hong Kong and an EMEA Head Office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

After building a highly successful business manufacturing bathroom scales, Tanita focused its research on the links between weight and health. Following extensive research to establish the relationship between excess body fat, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers; Tanita introduced the world’s first Integrated Body Fat Scale to medical research professionals in 1992. Using this same technology, Tanita then developed the world’s first Body Fat Monitor Scale for personal use in 1994. 

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