New year, new service: The checkup for your website

Blog posts   •   Jan 24, 2019 12:44 GMT

Within our Quantitative Usability Study we check different dimensions of the user experience (UX) of a product, for example how many users successfully performed a task, how much time it took, the user’s subjective rating of their immersion with the product, or its perceived aesthetics. The resulting values indicate how good the UX is by comparing it to existing values.

What does the Wild West have in common with German data theft?

Blog posts   •   Jan 21, 2019 11:47 GMT

Testbirds takes a page out of the sheriff’s playbook and does things like they used to be done in the Wild West! With our service Bug Bounty, companies offer a bounty for the capture of bugs in their software. This allows crowdtesters and security specialists to hunt bugs in real-life conditions. Thereby, we face the challenge of finding the hidden bugs with serious potential consequences.

Inspirational talks through the eyes of a speaker

Blog posts   •   Jan 14, 2019 12:42 GMT

At Testbirds there are always opportunities to grow and step outside your comfort zone. Read about Judith's experience with public speaking in our latest blog post.

How to design a chatbot

Blog posts   •   Jan 14, 2019 11:09 GMT

The UX Monday is set up to facilitate exchanges between UX professionals, designers, product managers, developers, and anybody interested in UX and product development. The topic that my colleague Tessa and I talked about was “Diverse Data is King: How to use the Crowd to improve the UX of Conversational Agents”. In short, we gave our insights into how to test what is usually known as a chatbot.

Bringing our offline world online – the Internet of Things

Blog posts   •   Jan 04, 2019 16:04 GMT

As our homes are becoming increasingly connected, the Internet of Things needs to be tested in its intended environment. Read more in this latest blog post.

We’ve flown a long way – the past year at Testbirds

Blog posts   •   Dec 28, 2018 14:09 GMT

2018 was an exciting year for Testbirds, this latest blog post summarizes some of our most interesting news.

How our Load and Performance Testing ensures a relaxed Christmas season

Blog posts   •   Dec 19, 2018 12:57 GMT

Are you already done shopping for Christmas presents? Here’s how Testbirds helps improve your shopping experience by doing Load and Performance Testing of online shops and providing helpful tips on how to improve their UX.

Video: Achieving a Seamless User Experience Through Testing

Blog posts   •   Dec 14, 2018 16:37 GMT

Together with Qualitest we held a webinar, talking about user experience and how to test it. Watch the video from the webinar in this blog post.

Performing Efficient Software Testing in the Face of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Press Releases   •   Nov 29, 2018 13:29 GMT

London, 29/11/2018 – Thanks to the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the administrative expenditure for software testing has become higher than ever before. At the same time, it’s more important to test digital products now more than ever. Testbirds has approached this problem by providing an innovative solution: a re-designed Device Cloud that not only offers new features, but also enables GDPR-compliant testing without the additional overhead of an in-house software developer.

Utilising the cloud in testing has for some time now been a popular and proven means to overcome different challenges in software testing. This includes, for example, access to the almost unmanageable number of devices in market today through the use of powerful virtual machines and emulators that mimic access to physical test devices.

Another popular but challenging form of testing that is growing in popularity is test automation. Testbirds’ enhanced Device Cloud provides access to 2.5 million combinations of devices, operating systems and software by granting access to self-developed and maintained virtual machines. Additionally, Testbirds offers the so called Global Real Device Network (GDPR), which provides thousands of Android devices from testers around the world. This allows significant savings in cost, manpower and time by eliminating the necessity to purchase and maintain terminal accounts. Within the field of UX, the Device Cloud offers the possibility to test the user-friendliness of graphical user interfaces (GUI) on a variety of devices, browsers, operating systems and other software. Another advantage of the advanced Device Cloud is that it can be used in both manual and automated testing as a part of a strict and agile development process, thus granting access to otherwise unavailable in-house resources.

Often, real devices containing personal data are utilised when performing software testing. However, with an atmosphere of sensitivity and controversy around data protection, it’s now vital that no aspect of the GDPR policy is violated. Thanks to this, like much of the digital world, data protection and security has now become a primary consideration for companies performing software testing. GDPR does not prohibit companies from using personal data. However, regulation clearly states the owner of the data must give explicit consent to how the data is processed and stored. In addition, it must be stated that data processing is earmarked and an ordering process is presented by the provider (according to Art. 28 - EU-GDPR).

In order to meet these requirements, Testbirds decided at an early stage to offer variations to its service portfolio. This includes, for example, the Device Cloud as an on premises solution. This variation of the Device Cloud, allows for the highest possible data protection criteria to be met by letting these solutions be installed at the company or on company owned machines and mobile devices. This ensures the consent of the owners of the devices and ensures the earmarked use of data and devices. Furthermore, in Testbirds’ Device Cloud SSL, encryption is a standard and internal test systems can be connected via IPSec and other security procedures.

A GDPR compliant testing option is also available with Testbirds’ GRDN. Here, testers release their real devices for testing projects and authorise their use by companies. Testbirds ensures the highest level of data security inall crowd and cloud testing scenarios through completely and independently developed test environments and server hosting exclusively taking place in Germany.

Additionally, the handling of test data must be GDPR compliant because there is a real risk that even with the use of anonymised test data, GDPR affected information, such as IP addresses, may emerge. In order to avoid this from occurring, Testbirds not only offers a technical solution but also advises customers on how to safely handle GDPR sensitive data in software testing.

“Through our previous cooperation with companies in the fintech and finance sectors, we are aware of the most stringent aspects of data protection law. That’s why we always customise the setup of the individual tests together with our clients. The Device Cloud is the ideal step to extend existing test automation initiatives with the largest possible testbed.” – Georg Hansbauer, CEO and co-founder at Testbirds.

In addition to the innovations already mentioned, Testbirds’ enhanced Device Cloud also offers the following benefits:

  • Highest data protection standards thanks to server hosting in Germany
  • GDPR compliant testing
  • Video recording of the testing process
  • Plug & play as well as flexible real device integration
  • Test automation on real devices
  • Full integration of Selenium
  • Fully automated provisioning of test environments
  • Cost and time savings thanks to the possibility to relinquish the purchase of in-house devices

With the enhanced Device Cloud, Testbirds provides a test environment that addresses both the increased demands of customers and aligns with the ever evolving testing industry. Additionally, the testing specialists offer a professional response to new legislative requirements in the area of GDPR thanks to the combination of automated testing and real device access from the GRDN, which enables the integration of limitless and meticulous GDPR compliant testing.

For further information, images and any questions, please contact:
Testbirds Ltd
Sahil Deva
PR Manager
Tel.: +44 796 3568 610

Testbirds was founded in 2011 by Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer and Markus Steinhauser. Today, the company has over 100 employees with offices in London, Munich, Amsterdam and Stockholm. The company also has franchises in Eastern Europe and a sales partners in Italy. Under the slogan, “Testing Reality – Real Users. Real Devices. Real Time.”, Testbirds investigates software for user-friendliness and functionality issues through the use of crowd and cloud based technologies. With over 300,000 registered testers located in 193 countries, Testbirds is one of the world’s leading crowdtesting providers. The company also utilises cloud based technologies to support customers in optimising their digital products. The combination of the two testing methods delivers a unique portfolio that aims to take the quality of software to the next level.

For its innovative approach to software testing, Testbirds has received many awards. Recently, the company won the German Innovation Award 2017, and was shortlisted for the Digital Top 50 of 2016, as one of the Top 10 European B2B Scale-ups, according to Google and McKinsey. In the past, Testbirds also won the start-up competition, “IKT-Innovativ”, the Best-of-mobile Awards 2013 and the IT-INNOVATION Award 2014. As BITKOM partner Testbirds actively participates in diverse committees. When founded and during further development of its portfolio, Testbirds was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The company shows social responsibility through its initiative towards fair working conditions in the crowdsourcing industry. More information about this can be found at

Munich-based testing specialists, Testbirds, respond to the new challenges presented in development today by offering GDPR-compliant testing.

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Testbirds wins Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award

News   •   Nov 29, 2018 12:49 GMT

We are proud to call ourselves winners of the Technology Fast 50 Award by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing Tech-Scale-Ups! Dr. Andreas Gentner, Partner and Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications EMEA at Deloitte, says: “With the Fast 50 Award, we want to appreciate the outstanding entrepreneurial spirit for Germany as a center for technology.”

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