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What's up? - from Naturist Association Thailand August 2015

Blog post   •   Aug 20, 2015 10:06 +07

Dear Naturist,

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Use the website

How do you like the new website? Nice n' cool, huh?

Well, nice is nice, but that is not really what we need. We need you to use it.
First of all, notice the stories on the front page. We need your input here! The stories are either clips from great articles found on the internet by other members and shared with the rest of us here. Or they are stories written up by the members themselves about their own first time as a naturist or it may be a report from their experience with going to one place or another, where it was possible to be nude without offending anyone.

What we need you to do is to:
1. email us a link that you stumble upon in your search for naturist /nudist stuff and find worth sharing with other members of this site.
2. read what other members have shared and comment on what you think of it.
What language? Pick your own! What if it is Chinese or Russian? Well, chances are that not that many members get the wisdom of your thoughts, but I will leave it up to you.

Would we "censor" your posts?
Yes, for various reasons we will retain our rights not to publish everything that you send to us. But we will explain in a personal email why we chose not to publish one link or one comment, that you sent to us.

If you are a Thai reader and need inspiration to find a Thai website, where you may find stuff you want to share, here is a blog you may want to take a look at:


News worth sharing!

The following headlines were posted on during the past month. Follow the links and you will understand why we find each of them worth sharing. Remember! It is your PRIVILEGE as a member that YOU CAN COMMENT on these news and blog posts!


Website tip!

Go to this page to read about options before you explore the various member functions on the website.

In English:
In Thai:

On this page you can read about what you can do on the level of membership that you have chosen - and the few things that higher levels can do more..

If you need help, don't hesitate to send us an email. If you are an Ordinary Member and Premium Member you may also send a message using the messaging system built into the website.


Share your own "naked spot"!

Tell us where you have been nude in Thailand!

One of the main values of being a member of Naturist Association Thailand is to be able to exchange information with other members of good places to be nude. In particular places that you have yourself visited and enjoyed and can recommend other members.

These places are either places where nudity is not specifically allowed, but where you may still be nude because nobody would come by and see you. An example could be a river bank upcountry or a small trail in a forest. Please share with us these places in order for us to share it with other members in an appropriate way.

The other kind of places are spas or resort, where the management allows or tolerates nudity for instance in certain areas like topless sunbathing or even a secluded area for full nudity. If you come across such businesses, please urgently share their name and location with us - then we will contact the place. We are constantly looking for spas and resorts, where a naturist friendly profile can be a profitable benefit for the owner and a new opportunity for traveling naturist members or incoming naturist from other countries.

The management of Naturist Association Thailand or designated representatives would then schedule a visit to the spa or resort and discuss with the management if we can officially announce them "Naturist Friendly".

When it comes to being nude at informal places, please note that if somebody should incidentally pass by, you MUST IMMEDIATELY put on your clothes again or otherwise cover up yourself fully. By doing so in a graceful way you demonstrate politely that you did not intend to expose yourself in a way that could be deemed indecent. Your gesture will no doubt be rewarded with a big smile by the people passing by (- even though they would most likely never have reported you to the police anyway if you had remained naked).

Covering up not only demonstrates your respect for others, their culture and their values - it also protects naturism in Thailand from bad news caused by your possible misbehavior.


Next event:
Movie Night & BBQ Dinner

Movie Night & BBQ Dinner

BareFeet Naturist Resort invites members and friends to its first “MOVIE NIGHT” event on Saturday 29 August 2015. The evening start with a live campfire BBQ before the movie. This event is not exclusively for Ordinary or Premium members - also Free Subscribers can join. Ticket price 500 Baht - more about this event in the event calendar…


Stay Nude and Healthy!