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News   •   Dec 29, 2015 22:32 +07

With the launch of this latest edition the Thai Property Guide (TPG) enters into its new enhanced phase in 2016, where the idea is to fully focus on serving Thai developers and any quality real estate developments in Thailand. In addition TPG continues to cover and present services and products on offer by lifestyle brands. TPG recognises - which our partnership with Thailand Elite shows - that for affluent investors already residing in or seeking foothold in the tropics, all other ingredients enabling high-quality living here in Thailand are important too; be it lifestyle activities, schools, visa or wellness.

So we extend our warmest welcome to you all for engagement via TPG to its worldwide followers – TPG is there for you!

As in the name, property is in focus and TPG can first and foremost enable outreach beyond the Thai language to foreign expats in the region as well as other real estate investors beyond Thailand’s borders. This mainly happens online, via a dedicated consumer-oriented newsroom and by having this guidebook available as e-magazine. This SE-optimised Mynewsdesk newsroom enables TPG to get instant, high Internet ranking for its content. There, developers can tap into a wider group of consumers - beyond their own outreach and the followers can find a concentrated presentation of real estate market news and insights, and what is on offer - be it concerning holiday rentals, condominium projects, villas or office buildings etc.

With a much stronger emphasis on having online presence TPG can now, with the expanded platform for online content marketing and PR, also achieve much more comprehensive coverage on an on-going basis.

For Thai developers the new TPG can in particular communicate and enable outreach in English of news, offers and invitations connecting to the various stages of property developments; from prior to sales launch until a finalised project enters into a rental scheme. 2016 marks the start of a marketplace (which will also be developed further) where TPG can stay up to date and share market PR and news; consumer and investment advise; as well as project launches (from our sponsors and advertisers) as these come on to the market.

This printed Thai Property Guide, meanwhile, continues as a valuable guidebook containing lots of relevant updates and expert advice – content that are more timeless and offer value with a longer lifespan.

The combo of an annual guidebook and the online outreach adds further value for all stakeholders, enabling the expansion of TPG into a really strong stakeholder platform! The setup enables cross-promotion and also generates valuable content published both online and in the annual guidebook.

Condominium pool rendering

The project owner, the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC) also welcomes developers as members, and as an Associate Partner to Thailand Property Awards we are with TPG well-positioned and committed to continued coverage of those being awarded by this for Thailand’s real estate market important awards!

It feels very relevant, as well, to emphasise that TPG is the only project of its kind in Thailand – offering a real estate PR and marketplace platform for all stakeholders – and TSCC is an organisation that since 2008 engages itself in promoting this sector and serving all foreign investors into Thailand with adequate consumer advice and investment offers.

Last, TPG and TSCC also would like to extend our warmest thanks to all those who have contributed to this 2016 edition of the guidebook, in particular all advertisers and partners! Now, we look forward to serving you all even more, welcoming stakeholders on board – as we link up and continue promoting Living in Thailand!

Welcome on board!
Jan Eriksson
President, Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

About Thailand Elite – Gold Partner
Thailand Elite is an international membership club aimed at foreign visitors and expatriates, offering superior lifestyle services from the moment they arrive in the Kingdom. It is also the world’s first in-country membership program with benefits including immigration privileges, exclusive connections, recognition and access to golf clubs, spas and other exclusive (often private) facilities.

About Thai Property Guide
Thai Property Guide (TPG) is the dedicated marketplace where providers of real estate and other lifestyle investments and services in Thailand can meet with their potential customers looking for such opportunities and offers. TPG shares editorial content such as news, features and market updates as well as marketing content from our partners.