SWEDISH BAR MAFIA at Bangkok´s Cocktail Bar Hyde & Seek

ข่าว   •   ก.พ. 21, 2011 13:09 +07

Swedish Bar Maffia in Bangkok´s Cocktail Bar Hyde & Seek - This Friday, it’s all about love.

The kind that’s lasting. The kind that’s fleeting. But more specifically, the kind that lives in music and cocktails.

So let us introduce, the Swedish Bar Mafia side-by-side with a Scandinavian music collective, that’s right,
all in one night behind one big black wall.

As we all know, time really flies and this Saturday the 26th of February we have been open for 1 year already. You read it right, 1 year. So if you are up for some mischief slide on over, order yourself a stiff drink that even Don Draper himself would approve.