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  • Marketing
  • Marketing ScandAsia Publishing Co.,Ltd
  • naifttanapkgattn@srbcadandnzmewmdilva.gecotomxp
  • 097 251 - 8398
  • 02 3-943 - 7166

Gregers Moller founded the Scand-Media Group in 1994 - a year after he had started publishing the Nordic community magazine ScandAsia.... Show more

  • Press Contact
  • Content Editor & Account Manager Executive
  • Account managament, content production, media consulting, journalist
  • jodtakvjimby@sqvcakindznmegtdidja.vgcocvmuw
  • +66 (0)897616701
In representing Mynewsdesk, Joakim, a Swede with Asian experience since 2001, caters to clients with their various content, offline and... Show more

  • Marketing Director Advertising
  • Marketing of the publications of Scandinavian Publishing and ScandAsia towards clients interested in the different target groups.
  • fixynnpa@swecatxndahmefxdiifa.qrcoaqmyl
  • +66 2 943 7166
Finn Balslev is responsible the income in all the publications produced by Scandinavian Publishing Co., Ltd, as well as the regional... Show more

Patcharee Lae-ya West is head of the design and printing services department in the Scand-Media Group of companies. She has a background... Show more