Cvlogin: Create Online CV’s For Free

Press Release   •   Aug 30, 2017 04:00 +03

Cvlogin is currently making headlines for its fast-growing popularity. Ever since the start of this website just 10 months ago, more than 200.000 people have turned to the platform to upload their CVs and seek out some amazing job opportunities.

The project is a start-up led by a team of talented and innovative developers and HR professionals based in Istanbul, Turkey. However the service is currently available in 5 different languages with many more already being worked on.

The idea came about when they realized that many people failed to seize the full potential of their CV; as they had the chance to inspect thousands upon thousands of CVs, they realized that most of them had problems: people would send in outdated information, unappealing designs and pages without any real logical structure.

A resume is too important not to be taken seriously and the people behind Cvlogin decided to focus on a new way to help people compile the definitive resume to suit their skills, personality and experience.

Cvlogin users are given all the tools and information that they will need in order to come up with the most effective and appealing resume possible. Which font to use? How many pages? How to find a good template? What files to add?

Cvlogin answers all of the above question and many more. Hundreds of thousands of users are enjoying the platform’s flexibility and convenience. You can create a good looking professional CV in matter of minutes, if you like, it uploads your critical information from your Facebook and Linkedin accounts. When you are done, you can either download it as a pdf file or use it online and share it with a specific url either password protected or openly.

Cvlogin is available in 6 languages and planning to operate in 15 very soon. According to Cvlogin statistics, most used language after English in creating CV’s is Spanish. And people tend to create CV’s mostly on Monday mornings. Cvlogin issues interesting facts as infographics as well.

Cvlogin is being voted on Product Hunt and the demand for creating CV’s are increasing from all around the world exponentially since then. Cvlogin hit the news in many countries with it’s free and valuable service.

Cvlogin founder Birol Kabakoğlu states that on Cvlogin, around 1.200 new CV’s are created every day and they are very happy with the support they’ve received from all around the world and very soon Cvlogin will be available in Arabic, Flemish and Italian too. Currently Cvlogin team is working on the mobile version and the app.

Check out the company’s website to find out more:

Cvlogin has a goal of helping everyone to create easy to read, beautiful and professional CV’s effortlessly. effortlesslyCvlogin is absolutely free and it’s simplistic, one-click design enables users to create beautiful, professional CV’s in minutes. CV’s can be downloaded as PDF files or shared as open or password protected links. Relevant information can be imported from Facebook and social accounts. one-clickCvlogin is available in Turkish, English and Deutsch, more languages will be coming very soon. Please visit