UPRtek uSpectrum PC Software new version released:TM-30-15 Color Vector Graphic (Version

News   •   Oct 25, 2016 05:27 GMT


UPRtek release the latest version of the “uSpectrum PC Software” with TM-30-15 Color Vector Graphic.

This new color evaluation function is expected to provide the angle of technological innovation for light source measuring, furthermore, it can help users analyze the color characteristics of the modern and the traditional solid-state light source, and thus enhance the fairness and accuracy of the measurement.

The newest feature of TM-30-15 Color Vector Graphic is now available on UPRtek uSpectrum PC Software!

uSpectrum PC Software


Select data and save it to report. 03

You can see Color Vector Graphic in uSpectrum test report as well.04

●Color Vector Graphic
Color Vector Graphic use visual description to tell us the changes of hue and saturation.
The arrows show how colors are distorted from their natural colors
(which lie on the black circle) by various light sources.

Red line: test source
Black line: reference illuminant

New function:Under BIN mode, you can read the data which was saved in the machine.

Now, you can start to experience the uSpectrum PC Software.

Have you downloaded the uSpectrum PC Software?UPRtek provide 〝free download〞 for your PC using.
You can follow the user manual step by step to download the uSpectrum PC Software.
08After you download the user manual, please refer to page 3~page 8.

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How to update uSpectrum PC Software?
If you are the first time to use this uSpectrum PC Software, please follow up the user manual to set it up.
If you had used the uSpectrum PC Software before, the computer will ask you when the uSpectrum PC Software need to be upgraded. Please follow the instruction step by step.12

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