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Technology Transfer of Coin Type Brushless Vibration Motor

Press Release   •   Sep 04, 2014 03:41 GMT

2011 Exhibition of Invention of Geneva, Switzerland, Gold Medal awarded

2011 Warsaw Invention show of Iwis, Gold Medal awarded

2011 Moscow Salon Inventions and Innovations Technologies of Archimedes, Gold Medal awarded

2011 Inventeco Invention Show, Gold Medal awarded

2013 Invention Fair of Kuwait, Gold Medal awarded

Coin type brushless vibration motor- RVN1004, with modularized stator of the international patent, is an axial air gap without iron core architecture, and it turns a plurality of hollow coil, originally requiring manual or fully automated assembly, into SMD components, which can be mass production by modularization, and processed with high reliability.  The features include ultra-thin, small size, low carbon emission, low start-up voltage, low noise and longer life. It helps provide effective heat dissipation, improving the overall reliability of the application device and saving the power life to mobile devices such as pico projector, HUD, mini-tablet and other handheld

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