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UPRtek MK350 Meters Selected for Winners in 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award

新闻稿   •   2015年01月05日 01:31 GMT

UPRtek, a leader in lighting innovations accelerating the transformation to advanced LED technology, announced today that two products, the MK350S spectrometer and MK350D compact spectrometer, the handheld LED meter for lighting solutions were awarded by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Taiwan Excellence Committee as an important advancement in industry on five key indicators: R&D, Design, Quality, Marketing, and Made in Taiwan.

MK350S Advanced Spectrometer
When using artificial lighting, uniformity and constant quality of the light spectrum is very important for a constant quality of crop production. Set your light to spread out under certain conditions to increase lighting quality. It is an economical and reliable measurement solution that can be real-time and in sit monitoring light quality and solve business and specification controversy. Records over 37 light unit-of-measures; Basic List items (PPF, CCT, CRI, CQS, CIE1976 , CIE1931, LUX, FC, LambdaP, R1 to R15, S/P ratio); additional free uSPECTRUM PC software and iOS/Adroid APP for quickly sharing product information for multiple purposes in lighting, horticulture and photography industry.


MK350D Compact Spectrometer
the MK350D is the world smallest stand-alone light measurement device, not computer needed, records over 27 light units (CCT, RA, CIE1976 CIE1931, LUX, FC, LamdaP, R9 et al) plus, Flicker is measured by one click,this new feature could be very interesting for lighting designers and lighting advisors,


It is also a wireless controllable system that allows users more possibilities to manage their testing. Pocket-sized portability, a Free powerful spectrum software-uSpectrum included.

UPRtek, sales manager
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United Power Research Technology Corp. (UPRtek) is a leading designer and manufacturer of hand-held spectrometer, LED lighting products and wireless remote control systems. UPRtek is headquartered in Taiwan. Our MK series spectrometer was selected for the 2013 IES Progress Report, and was also selected for 2014 Taiwan Excellence Product and 2014 Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Award. UPRtek has worldwide agents and service center in more than 20 countries.