Grain Alliance

2011 Harvest completed

News   •   Dec 19, 2011 13:04 EET

Grain Alliance’s 2011 harvest was completed in time and according to plan. The winter seeding and the fall preparations have also been finalized. The result of the harvest exceeded expectations and in total 217 000 tons were harvested.  Corn yields topped 13 tons in gross yield per hectare and the average for the total harvested corn area exceeded 9.7 tons per hectare.

The beneficial weather conditions played an important part for the success this year, but one should also not forget the efforts put in by the Grain Alliance team. The in-house soil sampling laboratory established in 2009 has during the recent years refined the soil maps and provided agronomists with high quality data for planning and monitoring the field work. The results during 2011 should also be attributed to the introduction of modern machinery and a complex fertilizer and pesticide program. Moreover the integrated management information system “Agrido” has played a crucial part in planning, carrying out and analyzing the production plan of 2011.

The results 2011 show the true potential of large scale farming in Ukraine