Grain Alliance

Results from the harvest of winter crops 2013

News   •   Aug 23, 2013 12:26 EEST

Grain Alliance has completed the harvest of winter crops, the harvest lasted for 13 days starting from July 5. During that period 4291 hectares of winter wheat was harvested. The total production volume amounted to  19 540 tons, which gives a average yield of 4.6 tons per hectare, an increase of 5.3% compared to last year. The best results were observed in the Kiev oblast where a field of 128 hectares produced an average yield of 5.62. These results shows that the improvements in the cultivation of winter crops made in 2011/2012, which resulted in a 92% increase compared to the results from the 2010/2011 harvest, are sustainable.

“This year’s result is very positive and we will continue to improve our technological approach to wheat cultivation and improve our yields. The results we have seen in terms of yields on corn indicate that we should be able to improve our production of wheat significantly. One thing is for sure – we will increase the area of winter wheat for next year and we will intensify our efforts to improve the quality of seeding” says Jens Bruno, business controller at Grain Alliance.