$3 Test Case: a New Service by BugHuntress

Press release   •   Jun 03, 2014 14:10 EEST

The famous IT testing provider in Ukraine BugHuntress QA Lab has launched a new QA service called ‘$3 Test Case’ recently.

The new $3 Test Case service by BugHuntress aims to solve some small local problems concerning the product quality quickly. A single test case will scan one function of the product for bugs in-depth.

What’s special about it?

The BugHuntress team notes 3 key advantages their new offer provides: it’s high-quality, quick and very affordable. While $3 Test Case doesn’t cover all the quality issues in a project like most testing companies’ services do, instead, it tests any single piece in your product that you feel is compromised every time you need.

The $3 Test Case service can be well described by such statements:

  • Writing and execution of a single test case totals 15 minutes.
  • One test case only checks one product’s function for bugs.
  • Detailed bug report is supplied in the result.
  • The price of one Test Case is just $3.
  • The usual bothersome terms negotiation and project estimation are unnecessary.
  • The service can be ordered very easily. You just have to fill out the form with your name, e-mail and a short problem description under this link:

$3 Test Case suits you perfectly if you often appear in the situation when you need quick and simple solutions to some local quality issues in your product but have no time for any formalities.

BugHuntress QA Lab

BugHuntress is a fast-developing IT testing vendor in Eastern Europe operating since 2001. It has headquarters in Ukraine and many representative offices in different corners of the world. The company has successfully completed over 700 outsourced testing projects from all over the globe. Among its satisfied customers one can find Microsoft, Universal Electronics, Skype, The Huffington Post and more.

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