Buy hafnium

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2016 12:13 EET

By virtue of a small global production, to buy hafnium is quite a task. Besides, this rare and hard metal is characterized by a high market value. Nevertheless, its unique characteristics represent as a forcible argument in favour of using a hafnium as a material for making constructional elements that are exploited in conditions of a negative influence of aggressive environment. Indubitable advantages of an actual rare metal can be described with the further properties:

  • ability to keep a lasting-quality at a temperature up to 15000С;
  • a high module of elasticity;
  • low linear thermal-expansion coefficient;
  • corrosive resistance;
  • chemoresistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • perfect plasticity (can be rolled even thinner than aluminium foil);
  • Concerning a sphere of use, hafnium is an ideal element for manufacturing thermionic electric generator and radiograms of a high-power. Besides, it is often used in the function of thermocouple elements.

    Relating to alloys, here we can notice a high popularity of rare-earth metal in manufacturing details for making various rocketries, for example, wheels, valves, turbine buckets, nozzles. Nuclear-power engineering is considered to be the biggest customer of hafnium. Metal is used with the aim to control a nuclear reaction because it perfectly absorbs excess neutrons and is characterized by an excellent mechanical strength.

    Moreover, joints of hafnium are incorporated into a composition of high refractory. For instance, if to add a tantalum to alloy, there will be increased a resistance to thermal shocks and oxidation. When it joints with nickel, increases a lasting-quality of welding seams. In such a way increases a durability and reliability of not only welding parts but a whole construction as well.

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