Entity Developer 5.5 - Less Manual Coding with Better Code Generation!

Press release   •   Apr 12, 2013 10:59 EEST

Devart is glad to announce the release of Entity Developer 5.5 with greatly improved features for NHibernate, ADO.NET Entity Framework. Code generation has undergone the most considerable improvements and the latest version of Entity Developer includes completely new templates.

Code Generation Improvements

  • MVC Controller and MVC View Advanced — templates designed for generating an ASP.NET MVC Controller and View for using entity classes in ASP.NET MVC application. Using MVC View Advanced template users will be able to apply for work such new advanced features as sorting, filtering, and paging.

  • Data Annotations Metadata is a new valuable template. It allows users generating Data Annotations metadata classes and decorating entity classes and properties with Data Annotations attributes that specify validation rules, data display settings, and define metadata for Windows Communication Foundation, Dynamic data, and WCF RIA Services.

  • New template Data Transfer Objects is designed for generating Data Transfer Object (DTO) classes.

In addition, such current templates as DbContext and POCO were significantly improved. DbContext and POCO templates allow managing generation of DataContract, KnownType, and DataMember attributes for classes and properties with the new WCF Data Contract Attributes property. These templates also include Implement InotifyPropertyChanging properties that allow controlling whether the generated classes implement the corresponding interfaces. Another new feature of DbContext template is capability to generate the following kinds of mapping: attribute mapping (for simple cases), fluent mapping in the OnModelCreating method, and fluent mapping in configuration classes.

Create Model Wizard

Substantially improved Create Model Wizard is now able to download and install the required 'EnityFramework' Nuget package for Entity Framework 6 models, and for models for Entity Framework 4 and 5 in case they use the DbContext template. Besides, Create Model Wizard automatically adds references to Entity Framework specific assemblies to a project when users add a new Devart Entity model to it.

Model First

Entity Developer 5.5 provides a number of settings to ease the Model First development. Now users are able to define a set of properties that will be present in all the new entities. User's predefined properties will also be automatically added to a new entity when it will be created. Model initialization settings now allow users to specify if the string properties should be mapped to columns of unicode data type by default, and to set default facets for all the numeric properties.


Working with attributes is greatly improved. Now it is possible to edit attributes for several selected entities or properties at once. The refresh button on the Attributes page of the Model Settings dialog box allows refreshing the available attribute list for selected assemblies.

Price and Availability

Entity Developer is available in the following editions:

Professional Edition allows designing models for NHibernate, Entity Framework, and LINQ to SQL for a price of $299.95.

Entity Developer for NHibernate and Entity Developer for Entity Framework allow designing NHibernate and Entity Framework models respectively and cost $199.95.

Entity Developer for LINQ to SQL works only with SQL Server (via Microsoft SqlClient) and allows designing LINQ to SQL models. Price of Entity Developer for LINQ is $99.95.

Express Edition is a free limited version of software. The Express Edition does not allow customization of code templates and is limited to 10 entities in the project.

You are welcome to download and evaluate the new version.

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