Free SEO audit! QArea gives presents to every blogger!

Press Release   •   Jun 21, 2013 15:16 EEST

Kharkiv, Ukraine, June 21, 2013  - QArea software development company rolls out new event on June 20, 2013. The company offers people to write an article where they sharing the own experience in blog administering, tips on how to attract visitors, choosing topics for articles in return for free audit from QArea SEO department services.

Who can take a part in this offer:

  1. Blog owners. Any blogger can write an article about own blogging experience.
  2. Anyone who deals with IT and wants to spread a word about the own glory in this field.
  3. Person who wants to share the own experience in blog administering and get an unbiased and fresh assessment of a website from SEO specialists.

During 20 days anyone has opportunity to get free SEO audit of a website from QArea SEO team.

How do people benefit from this offer?

Today it is very hard to get high quality yet cost efficient SEO audit. If one enjoys blogging it won’t take too much efforts to share the own experience in this field (i.e. tips or issues one has being faced with when blogging). So, there are some benefits blogger can get in return for doing the simple and usual job – writing:

  • Fresh view on the website from SEO experts
  • Ability to use SEO checklist results to improve the ranking of a website
  • Get the opportunity to take a piece of SEO specialists’ experience

There are many people who run their own blog just because they love it. So, this offer from QArea gives a chance to combine business and pleasure: writing and getting SEO audit for this. As this offer valid for 20 days people have enough time to write a post, place it with a link to QArea website, send the link to this article via email: and the URL of the website one wants to be checked for SEO issues. As there are lots bloggers are aware of this event QArea SEO specialists are waiting for many requests from followers in social media.

QArea is an outsourcing software development / testing company, a leading one in the Ukrainian IT market. The company specializes in delivering Mobile, Web, Desktop application development services providing customers with three main Business Models: Dedicated Team, Fixed Cost, Time & Material. QArea team consists of more than 250 software engineers. The company has 5 representative offices around the world including USA, Czech Republic, Malta, France and Switzerland. AOL, eBay, The Huffington Post, Skype are among QArea’s clients.

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