Grain Alliance

Grain Alliance - New storage facilities

Press release   •   Aug 12, 2013 13:22 EEST

Grain Alliance started the construction of additional 48 000 tons of storage capacity was on Monday August 5. The capacity will be divided added to Grain Alliance’s existing elevators in Berezan and Yagotin. The additional storage capacity will enable Grain Alliance to more efficiently handle future
production growth and sales.  

Quality grain storage, particularly in temperate climates such as Ukraine is necessary to ensure that the grain remains in good condition as the seasons change.  The high quality storage facilities constructed will prevent problems with grain quality, moisture migration, storage molds and insects. The additional storage facilities will give Grain Alliance the opportunity to sell the grain at any time without incurrin additional handling expenses and allows quicker transportation and unloading
time than on-farm storage. Both elevators have previously been equipped with modern energy efficient dryers with a capacity of drying up to 1000 tons per day each. the total drying capacities of the company are 3200 tons per day.

The construction is estimated to be completed by end of October. Grain Alliance will then have 158 000 tons of elevator storage and additional 33 000 tons of on farm storage, in total 191 000 tons divided on 4 elevators out of which 3 have direct railroad access. Grain Alliance can during coming years expand further the storage capacity of the existing elevators depending on the expansion of the cultivated area.


Grain Alliance is a progressive Swedish-Ukrainian farm operator active in Ukraine. By implementing modern technology, financial management and production methods we aim to restore Ukraine as the bread basket of the World.

Grain Alliance has experience from over 14 years of successful farming, achieving yields well above the average. The Company currently controls around 45 000 hectares of which 42 500 hectares are cultivated, and is expanding the area continiously. In order to maintain long term profitability Grain Alliance run a sustainable agriculture. The production is oriented towards a long term perspective, with a balanced mix of crops and an emphasis on crop alteration and soil recovery.