Improve Control over Code Review with Review Assistant by Devart

Press release   •   Oct 31, 2014 11:00 EET

Devart announces the release of Review Assistant, v2.6. The new version is focused on the control over the process of code review. With the new Code Coverage Report, a user can quickly distinguish reviewed and unreviewed revisions in a repository.

Devart also added a number of features, including report customization capabilities and Visual Studio "14" CTP support. The update contains the following new features:

* Code Coverage Report

The new report type is designed to show the volume of project code, that is covered with code review. With the new report, user can:

    - See, what revisions in repository were sent to review, and what were not

    - Detect whether code was accepted, rejected, or remains uncompleted

    - Navigate to the review, that was created for a particular revision

    - Group data by authors, review statuses and by other columns

    - Filter data to exclude minor revisions from report

* Mark revision as reviewed

To improve coordination of code review process, there were added special labels, that appear after adding revisions to review. Now, when creating a review and adding revisions to it, author can easily detect what revisions in repository were not reviewed.

* Report customization

Devart added additional options for report customization as well as for saving custom report settings. The feature is particularly useful when working with Code Coverage Report. Now user can:

    - Set up data filters

    - Select columns you want to include to report

    - Tune up data grouping

* Adding a review comment for the entire file

* Review links in reports

Now Review Status and Code Coverage reports include clickable links referring to corresponding reviews. This improvement enables to quickly switch to Code Review Board and explore review details.

* Visual Studio "14" CTP support

The new version of Review Assistant is compatible with the bleeding edge version of Visual Studio environment.

* Other Changes

    - Improved performance when working with Review Assistant integrated into Git source control system

    - More explicit behavior when working with the files, that were deleted during development

Prices and Availability

Review Assistant for unlimited number of users is available for 30-day trial period. The license prices starts from 9.95$ for three users.

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