IT Lab Presented a New Software Solution for the Real Estate Market

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2013 11:39 EET

The online service Assis.ru is the first product of IT Lab LLC, the IT-solutions developer for the real estate market. The new solution is designed to optimize the ad placement on thematic websites and to increase their presentable. 

Assis software solution improves the efficiency of the ad by publishing it on more than 40 real estate websites and in social networks. With this new service such a coverage became possible in just one click. Thus, the first and most important advantage of the IT Lab product is to simplify the distribution of the advertisement in the internet. Due to its advertising effectiveness the Assis.ru got the slogan “The customer will be found”.

It is important to note that before the Assis, everyone who wanted to lease an apartment had to add their own ads, daily monitor dozens of real estate websites, performing big work that required special skills. With Assis.ru it became possible to create the standard ad and then send it to all the websites.

S.D. Bessmertnyy, CEO of IT Lab, says the company has taken care of proper format of all ads at Assis.ru. “We have grouped all the rules of our partners in the same program code, and at the stage of filling the advertisement the system will help to adjust the text. Aftewards the ad gets to the moderator. That system allows to place an ad on 40+ websites for no more than 10 minutes and provide a user with convenient experience,” - said Stanislav Bessmertnyy.


IT Lab is the resident of the Skolkovo from the spring of 2012. The laboratory is focused on the real estate, in particular, on the optimization of online ads on selling or renting the apartments and houses. The first project of this kind was launched in February 2013.


Stanislav Bessmertnyy 
skype: stanislav.bessmertnyy