Meet dotConnect for Oracle 8.2 with Lots of Improvements!

Press release   •   Jan 21, 2014 15:38 EET

Devart Team is glad to announce the new release of dotConnect for Oracle 8.2 - ADO.NET data provider for Oracle with support for Entity Framework, LinqConnect (LINQ to Oracle) and Nhibernate.

The new release includes:

- LINQ to Entities Improvements:

Now, when called from LINQ to Entities, the following methods of the SqlFunctions class are converted to Oracle-specific SQL statements in runtime: Acos, Asin, Ascii, Atan, Atan2, Char, Cos, CurrentUser, DataLength, Exp, Rand, Sign, Sin, SoundCode, SquareRoot, StringConvert, Tan.

The usage of these SqlFunctions class methods provides better capabilities for creating cross-database LINQ to Entities queries, for example, queries for SQL Server and Oracle.

- Starting and Stopping Oracle Database Instance

The functionality of starting and stopping an Oracle database instance is implemented in the OracleDatabase class.

- OCI Statement Caching Support Improvements

Now OCI Statement Caching is supported when Unicode=true or "OCI Connection Pool"=True.

The new "Statement Cache Purge" connection string parameter allows to clean OCI Statement Cache when returning a connection to a pool. OCI Statement Cache can be also cleaned at any time by calling the new PurgeStatementCache() method of the OracleConnection class.


Everyone can take advantages of DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package in order to ease the process of tracking the performance of various modules and debugging. Now, the names of executing modules or transactions in the database can be recorded with the help of this package.

With the following properties of the OracleConnection class it has become possible to record the tracking information:

  • ModuleName

  • ActionName

  • ClientInfo

Also, the SetDbmsApplicationInfo method can record several of these parameters to the database at once.

- Proxy Connection Improvements

It is now possible to specify proxy connection using the new connection string parameters "Proxy User Id" and "Proxy Password" in the OCI mode.

For the full list of the new features and improvements see the dotConnect for Oracle history page.


We offer a free Express edition of dotConnect for Oracle. It is available for immediate download.

The Single license starts from as little as $149.95. The full pricing policy can be found at the purchase page.

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