Meet LiteDAC - SQLite Data Access Components for Delphi

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2012 17:07 EEST

SQLite Data Access Components, aka LiteDAC, is already available. Now, regardless of whether SQLite is used in desktop application or development of mobile applications for iPhone or iPad, programmers will be able to use Devart's new product – LiteDAC. This tool demonstrates fast and stable performance remaining as simple and lightweight as the SQLite database.

Application developers will enjoy using the following functionality:

  • Users are no longer limited in the choice of development environment, any of them can be used: Delphi, C++Builder, and Lazarus (FPC). For application development not only VCL and LCL libraries can be used, but the newest FireMonkey development platform as well.

  • Programmers engaged in Cross-Platform Development can just put the components on the form, select the Target platform – and an application for Win 32, Win 64, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS or iOS is done.

  • Use Static Linking to embed the SQLite library in your application, that will guarantee that the application will work with the SQLite library, with which it is developed, but not with the one, which is installed on the computer where the application is being deployed. That will simplify the application deployment, since there will be no need in deploying any additional libraries together with the application.

  • Database Encryption will provide a strong protection of the data, that your application is working with. No need to spend money on buying expensive SQLite libraries with support for encryption - when using Static Linking, encryption support will be automatically added to your application and will enable users to apply the following algorithms to protect data: AES, Blowfish, TripleDES, Cast128, RC4.

  • Concurrent Access to SQLite database allows multiple processes to work with the stored data simultaneously, that will enable the raise of application development to a qualitatively new level.

  • Data Type Mapping is a powerful solution, which allows to define custom data type mapping for SQLite field types. LiteDAC offers a choice of Delphi field types that will correspond to a database field type.

Pricing and availability

Download SQLite Data Access Components and enjoy the benefits of this tool. Price for SQLite Data Access Components starts with $103.95* ( *discount price only valid until 31st of August, 2012 ).

To provide feedback on the new version, visit Devart forums or use a contact form.There is also a feedback form, and Devart Team is always glad to hear users' comments and take into account their development needs.

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