Powerful ORM Profiler Tool in LINQ Insight 3.0

Press Release   •   Jun 20, 2013 16:20 EEST

The new version of LINQ Insight introduces ORM profiler tool that allows developers to profile application interaction with ORM runtime and with database, delivering even more indispensable features for ORM application development and LINQ debugging.

Development of ORM based data access code becomes hassle-free and even more efficient with LINQ Insight true ORM profiler tool. Unlike most profilers, Devart's ORM profiler allows developers to see all the details of the ORM calls: call stack, execution time, generated SQL, and database calls, executed for the LINQ statement.

With LINQ Insight's ORM profiler there is no need to modify project at all! Users just have to open the LINQ profiler window and click the Start profiler session button on its toolbar. Then they can run an appropriate project and get real-time data on ORM events in the LINQ profiler window.

To learn more about ORM profiler features, visit the LINQ profiler page.

Price and Availability

Users can test all new capabilities of the updated LINQ Insight by downloading Free edition, that is immediately available on the product's page.

LINQ Insight Standard edition can be purchased for as little as $149.95 on the Ordering page.

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