QArea & Aquia: Newest Partners In The Drupal Community

Press Release   •   Sep 17, 2014 17:51 EEST

What is Aquia?

You are not a member of the Drupal community if you have never heard about Aquia. The company is amongst the leaders in the Drupal industry with several leading developers and managers that are celebrity-like in the Drupal circles. Aquia is providing customers with open cloud hosting services, developer tools as well as community support of everything Drupal-related. Aquia has an impressive portfolio with companies like Intel, Twitter, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, NVidia as well as NATO and the European Commission amongst satisfied customers.

What will QArea gain from this partnership?

First of all this partnership opens new business opportunities as well as even further acceptance of the entire Drupal community. Specialists from QArea will now be even closer to the newest trends, tricks and hacks that are Drupal-related. This in turn will ensure a quality increase of the company’s related services. The engagement into the Drupal community will also grow. Technically new knowledge, skills and experience as well as further support of all Drupal projects were gained along with this partnership. That may be a massive factor causing drastic improvements in Drupal-wielding skills of QArea’s developers and managers from appropriate projects which is never a bad thing.

What will change in QArea’s Drupal projects?

  • QArea’s Drupal teams as well as the company itself will be fairly more engaged with the Drupal community
  • New business relationships and opportunities are now available
  • The Drupal teams of the company will now be built in a way that is better fitting the customer
  • Aquia colleagues will share some experience with QArea’s project managers
  • The quality of all Drupal-related services will be improved

About QArea

Founded in 2001 QArea is a company that provides offshoring services in software development as well as software testing fields. Those years of experience have proven to be filled with various achievements and now the staff of QArea is proud of more than 250 specialists located in in offices all over the world from USA to Eastern Europe. The company may also be proud with an impressive portfolio and satisfied customers like Microsoft, AOL, Skype, eBay, Universal electronics and many others.

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