QArea IT Blog in Top Technology Sites by Results of 2013

Press release   •   Jun 18, 2014 10:31 EEST

QArea IT blog was named in 100 Leading IT sites of 2013. held an independent research and compiled a list of the best 100 blogs and sites dedicated to IT issues. The list contains a great selection of sites, which were providing useful information on IT insides, system administration, database management and technology during the past year. The 18th position was given to QArea IT blog.

What is

TechnologySchools experts believe that nowadays gaining knowledge in information technology sphere is essential for everybody. The resource aims to provide educational information to people interested in gaining technology degree. It is dedicated to helping enthusiasts to get brighter future, better career prospects and high earnings.  This purpose is accomplished by providing great articles, references to accredited universities and colleges as well as gathering the best computer technology resources and blog posts over the Internet.

About QArea IT blog

QArea IT Blog is an official blog of QArea software development company. The posts written by IT specialists cover various topics on web, mobile and desktop software development, particularly such topics as:

  • IT News
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • .NET
  • Java
  • Web Design
  • Software Testing
  • Cloud Computing
  • SEO, etc.

QArea IT blog always tries to keep up with the times providing up-to-date information and focusing on the most fresh and interesting topics.  The blog contains useful tips, tricks, guides and manuals, provides reviews of top tools, etc. The format of the posts is friendly and the content can be helpful both for professionals to improve their skills and for beginners to study the basics.

Recently QArea IT blog started accepting guest posts and welcomes all authors to write high-quality articles on supported topics.

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About QArea company

QArea software development company  is one of the leading IT vendors in Eastern Europe, which offers a large scope of outsourcing web, mobile and desktop software development services as well as testing services. The company team unites 250 professionals and the offices are located in several countries around the world.  During the 13-year working experience QArea has obtained an impressive portfolio, successfully providing innovative solutions to such giants as Microsoft, Skype, AOL, eBay and others .

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