Ru.Dominder.com, the regular website monitoring service, was launched

Press release   •   Dec 19, 2012 16:37 EET

Now the owners of the websites can know about the availability of their website even without updating the page every second. Notifications about the breakdown, end-of-domain notifications, notifications about putting into the black lists, and other important information will be sent by SMS. The owner will discover the problem immediately, so he can solve it anytime, anywhere. 

When Dobra Limited was creating the Dominder, the most important thing was the usability for the domain owners. Many factors can affect the search results and website performance. Such problems can lead to the decline of traffic to minimum. Therefore, Ru.Dominder.com was developed to prevent such situations and to help with obtaining the important information about the domain quickly. Startup allows monitoring the condition of any number of the websites via the single control panel.

At registration, each user gets 5 free SMS-loans to try the potential of new service on a specific example. At the moment Dominder is working in beta testing mode, so all its functionality will be free for the next few months.

Dominder sends SMS-notifications every time the user’s domain becomes unavailable. So the owner can immediately contact the website’s administrator to find out the reason of the problem and to resolve it quickly.

The periodicity of the website check can be adjusted manually (every 3, 5, 10 or 60 minutes). According to the ping results there will be generated the interactive graphics, which will help to analyze the website loading time in different parts of the world, they will show the exact time when the website was down, the connection was low, etc.

For the ease of the user, he can specify multiple e-mail addresses and phone numbers to get the status alerts on the website. The selected domains and contacts can be changed any time.

In addition, Dominder reports in advance about the domain expiration, collects all the Whois-information on the website, checks the presence of the site in the black lists and virus databases. It also allows to keep track of expenses and make notes relating to the websites work.