Test-drive of New Scania Tippers Was Held in Russia for the First Time

Press Release   •   Jul 05, 2013 16:13 EEST

The first Russian test-drive of new Scania construction vehicles took place at the country's largest motor-vehicle proving ground of the Research Centre For Automotive Vehicle Testing And Refinement (NAMI). 

Starting this year, all Scania tippers are equipped with OFF-Road package, that allows them to work in harsh off-road conditions. Fleet owners and representatives of the leading automotive media, more than 200 guests totally, tested the new line of construction vehicles, developed specially for the Russian market.

New tippers are loaded with innovative features: Scania Opticruise - automated gearchanging system with Off-road mode, new traction control system and new Scania Retarder, as well as all the innovations in chassis.

The trials included a variety of exercises involving 12 construction vehicles of various modifications. Trucks passed the route on serpentine road with slopes and height difference of up to 10%. Then tippers performed their main task: loading and unloading of construction materials - sand. Then the loaded trucks drove the serpentine road one more time.

The unique OFF-Road route recreated difficult road conditions of driving on soft surfaces, which are common for construction vehicles. The fully loaded tippers moved along the dirt road, with ascents and descents with a slope of up to 6%, and with a small radius turns.

This route tested the unique 6×6-wheel-drive off-road Scania tippers, designed for usage in off-road conditions in quarries and construction sites.

“The new design of the cabin front is extremely functional and includes specific elements to protect the vulnerable components of the truck,” - says Anton Pavlovsky, manager of construction vehicles department of Scania-Rus LLC, - “This reduces the maintenance costs and maximizes the nonfailure operation time, that is important for the transport business. Thus, truck owner can avoid a decrease in profitability due to the downtime of the vehicles.”


Scania is one of the major automotive industry companies in the world, the manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses, industrial and marine engines. The company operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. Scania has its own factories in countries of Europe and Latin America. Scania operates in Russian Federation since 1993. More than 50 dealers and service stations from Western Siberia to Kaliningrad was founded during that time. “Scania-Peter” plant in St. Petersburg started the production of Scania vehicles.

For more information please contact the marketing department of “Scania-Rus” LLC, phone: +7 (495) 787-50-00