The openSUSE 2013 Conference to Share and Gain the Best Experienc

Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2013 16:29 EEST

Thessaloniki, Greece, 18-22  July, 2013

The event took place in the Olympic Museum, and likewise the Olympians of the Ancient Greece, openSUSE lectors taught their wisdom, skills and vision of modern open source coding to participants and attendees. Intense schedule was filled with workshops on different topics from the perspectives of the USB 3.x technology to the usage of Puppet software for process automating and introduction to the world of coding with exquisite Ruby on Rails.

From freshmen to professionals in 5 days with openSUSE mentors

During the 5-days long conference attendees and participants could choose the topics that answered their calls best.  30-minutes long workshops followed by 15 minutes of Q&A gave brief introductions on different tools, methods and techniques of open source coding. Bigger lectures were led by the openSUSE top executives like Henne Vogelsang and Lars Vogdt, introducing attendees to the innovative ways of using software like Puppet for brilliant open source software solutions.

Several of the main topics discussed are listed below:

●  openSUSE as the best Linux enterprise,

●  Evangelizing Linux Desktop and promoting it worldwide,

●  introducing several openSUSE projects like coordinator program, etc.,

●  perspectives and future of using open source coding,

●  efficient tools for coding automation like Puppet and LPI labs,

●  cutting-edge technologies  of tomorrow used today (Marble, Raspberry Pi, etc.),

●  Libre Office today and tomorrow.

QArea Representatives at the Conference

QArea top project manager and leading PHP developer attended the conference to share experience and gain new skills and knowledge. These goals were achieved in full, as the quantity and quality of the information obtained was overwhelming. Applying this knowledge in everyday work will surely allow serving the customer with the top-notch service, further improving and enriching customer experience.

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