4C Strategies and ISS World Services sign a five year contract across 70+ countries

Press Releases   •   Apr 09, 2018 15:00 BST

4C Strategies, with world leading expertise and software in Risk, Incident and Business Continuity Management as well as for full audit and compliance functionality, has signed a contract with Danish ISS World Services valid for five years. The contract covers a global implementation of 4C’s software Exonaut®.


4C Strategies named Official Supplier to FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre 2019

Press Releases   •   Nov 24, 2017 07:22 GMT

4C Strategies, one of the world’s leading experts and software developers of risk management solutions, has been named Official Supplier to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre, Sweden, 2019. 4C Strategies has, since early 2017, worked together with the organizers to lay the groundwork for a successful World Championships.

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4C's Exonaut 15 is now generally available

News   •   Oct 13, 2017 14:59 BST

Today, we at 4C Strategies are very pleased to announce that version 15 of our Readiness Management Software suite, Exonaut, is generally available. Release highlights: Mobile Incident Command – The new incident management features in Exonaut 15 have been developed in close cooperation with law enforcement and rescue service professionals to provide an adaptable and powerful toolbox for managing any incident using nothing more than smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Situational Awareness – Mobile users now have plenty of new tools available to help them continuously communicate and visualise the current situation. Users can draw polygons and grids in the map, measure distances and edit already submitted information with, for example, new pictures and status updates, allowing those with the best information to share it in real-time, in the easiest possible manner.

Geographical Information – Exonaut 15 supports more map formats, such as Web Map Tiled Services and integration with ESRI on both mobile and PC, allowing organisations to get more value out of their existing GIS functions before, during and after an incident.

Simplified Information Capture with Web Forms – Exonaut 15 allows organisations to capture incident, performance and compliance information from the organisation through simple and configurable web forms. This way, reporting users can focus on providing input instead of learning a new system, making data capture hassle free.

Instantaneous Updates – The real time geographic location of your vehicles and other organisational resources can now be visualized within Exonaut 15, with zero latency in both the PC tools, as well as in the mobile applications.

More Security Options – Exonaut 15 now supports two factor authentication through Radius, as well as SAML and OAUTH2, providing more ways to align Exonaut with your existing user management infrastructure.

And more…

For more information about the Exonaut 15 release, and how it can help with your ongoing Readiness activities, please contact your Account Manager at 4C Strategies or the Exonaut Support team via the Exonaut Service Desk.

4C Readiness Management Software suite, Exonaut, is now generally available. Release highlights: Mobile Incident Command – The new incident management features in Exonaut 15 have been developed in close cooperation with law enforcement and rescue service professionals to provide an adaptable and powerful toolbox for managing any incident using nothing more than smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Michael Coss appointed President, 4C Strategies North America

Press Releases   •   Aug 07, 2017 13:37 BST

Strategic top recruitment. Michael Coss, who is more known by the nickname Chief in the US, is a former Decorated Colonel in the US Army with merited experience supporting operations abroad. Prior to 4C, he also held a long list of key positions in the Pentagon and service with NATO. Mr Coss is appointed President of 4C North America after a year as the Chief Operating Officer of the company.


​4C Strategies providing Virtual Training to the British Army

Press Releases   •   Mar 16, 2017 13:30 GMT

4C Strategies has been chosen to be part of the delivery of the new Unit Based Virtual Trainer (UBVT) to the British Army. UBVT will enable units to collectively practice fire and manoeuvre, command and control, and tactics, techniques and procedures in a realistic synthetic environment.


​4C Strategies' proprietary Exonaut® supports global Viking 18-exercise

Press Releases   •   Mar 28, 2018 15:26 BST

4C Strategies will support exercise VIKING 18 with its expert consultants and proprietary software Exonaut®. The exercise will take place from 16th to 26th April centred in Sweden and during which some 50 countries, 35 organizations and 2,500 individuals will participate in the planning and execution of complex multinational and interagency operations.


4C Strategies and the Swedish Armed Forces Signs Strategic Partnership

Press Releases   •   Jul 05, 2017 14:10 BST

4C Strategies, the world’s premier readiness solution provider, enters as a strategically selected partner within the Swedish Armed Forces partner program for personnel cooperation. The partnership covers organizational long-term staffing; where employees’ experiences, both military and civil, have clear merit.


4C Strategies: host of Exonaut Defence User Forum in Stockholm for military capability development

Press Releases   •   Jun 22, 2017 14:30 BST

4C Strategies, the world’s premier readiness solution provider, hosted the annual Exonaut Defence User Forum in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 8th / 9th of May. More than 60 military professionals & decision makers from 7 nations were invited, all currently using Exonaut as their software solution for military capability development and tracking training risk.


Army Warfighting Experiment 17 – powered by Exonaut™

Press Releases   •   Apr 04, 2017 09:30 BST

Throughout March, 4C Strategies has been deployed on Salisbury Plain supporting the British Army’s Warfighting Experiment 17 (AWE17). 4C Strategies Exonaut™ Software was selected as the Master Trial Management System for a month long field evaluation of multiple commercial products and solutions selected for AWE 17.


4C Strategies looks ahead with expansion capital

Press Releases   •   Nov 28, 2016 12:47 GMT

​4C Strategies – one of the world's most innovative providers of risk and crisis management solutions – is making the world a safer place through a capital contribution from Priveq Investment.

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