ABAX Triplog helps Derby company to provide great customer service

Press Releases   •   Oct 10, 2018 15:02 BST

​A longstanding customer of ABAX, Derby Auto Electrical are extremely satisfied with the ABAX Triplog system that is installed on their vehicles, as it helps their business to provide their customers with the best possible service, and ensuring that client’s vehicles remain on the move with little down time and disruption.

Empowering women in tech

Press Releases   •   Sep 27, 2018 08:00 BST

ABAX has initiated a new training programme with the purpose of empowering women within their organisation and in the technology industry.

ABAX and Formula One Autocentres join forces

Press Releases   •   Sep 25, 2018 15:04 BST

ABAX are delighted to join forces with Formula One Autocentres to provide car and van drivers with an alternative option for installing their GPS vehicle tracking units.

Another ex Fleetmatics employee joins ABAX as Chief Technology Officer

Press Releases   •   Sep 13, 2018 13:57 BST

ABAX continue to strengthen their Management team with yet another ex Fleetmatics employee. With the employment of Paul Walsh, ABAX makes it even clearer they are a force to be reckoned with when the fight for the number one spot in the Telematics industry thickens.

Tech company ABAX increased revenue four years in a row

Press Releases   •   Aug 28, 2018 09:48 BST

The annual report for 2017 is ready, and ABAX Group delivers solid numbers once again. The Norwegian based company had a revenue of 527.8 million NOK, and an EBITDA of 71.7 million NOK.

How much does the loss of machinery and tools cost your business?

Blog posts   •   Aug 24, 2018 11:20 BST

Have you ever worked out the cost of losing your tools and how it affects your business? Working time spent looking for equipment as well as the cost of replacing lost equipment can account for 14% of the total labor cost.

How is geolocation helping businesses run more effectively?

Blog posts   •   Aug 16, 2018 11:37 BST

In this article you will discover why geolocation is a must have when it comes to improving efficiency and having full control over your fleet.

The Connected Workspace

Blog posts   •   Aug 07, 2018 11:52 BST

The world is becoming more and more digital and connected every day and it is now making its way into the job landscape and changing the way organisations work. Companies are connecting their work spaces to become more streamlined and to adjust to the ever-changing market around it.

ABAX Equipment Control now lasts longer

News   •   May 16, 2018 10:38 BST

ABAX Equipment Control comes in two different sizes to track and keep control over your non-powered equipment. The two different sizes indicates different battery packs and the battery lifespan. The battery lifespan is now on average 40 % better than previous generation. If you for example only need 1 position per day on your equipment, the battery capacity is now a respectable 2240 days with the small battery pack, and 4480 days with the big battery pack.

This means that you can keep your equipment control units attached to your assets for a much longer time without changing the battery.

Also improved GPS

The new version also offers a new and improved GPS, with a new antenna and a faster GPS signal with 16 times better performance than the previous generation.

The two different units are ideal for monitoring equipment without an internal power source, such as containers, compressors, heaters and equipment in dead storage.

Installation of the units are easy, and only requires that you mount the unit in a location on the equipment you want to monitor. For the best possible GPS-signal, the unit should not be mounted under metal and with a clear view to the sky.

The ABAX Equipment Control unit is of course still water resistant (IP67), and as robust and cost-effective as always. It now also comes with a steel cage that lets you protect your units in extreme conditions and still ensures a perfect GPS-signal.

Read more about ABAX Equipment Control here.

Our new Equipment Control now lasts 40% longer thanks to updated hardware, which means you can monitor your machinery and equipment for a longer time without the need to change the battery.

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ABAX appoint ex Fleetmatics Senior Finance Executive as CFO

Press Releases   •   Apr 20, 2018 08:26 BST

[Peterborough, 20.04.18] ABAX the leading solutions provider for the connected workspace have appointed David Norton as its Chief Financial Officer.

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