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Three new members join the ALMA jury

Press Release   •  Apr 26, 2012 10:20 BST

The board of the Swedish Arts Council has appointed three new jury members to the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA): Mats Kempe, author and librarian, Annika Edlund, literary educator and children’s librarian, and Henry Ascher, paediatrician.

“We’re delighted that these three widely respected experts have agreed to join the jury,” said Kennet Johansson, Director General of the Swedish Arts Council. “They bring with them extensive expertise in children’s and young adult literature worldwide, reading advocacy and children’s rights.”

Mats Kempe lives in Stockholm and works at Barnängens världsbibliotek, an international library. Annika Edlund is chief children’s librarian at Grubbebiblioteket in Umeå and an active member of two arts associations. Henry Ascher, paediatrician and a professor of public health, is a visiting lecturer at Sahlgrenska Akademin in Gothenburg.

The three new jury members replace Birgitta Fransson, journalist and literary critic, Ulla Lundqvist, writer, and Lars H. Gustafsson, paediatrician and author, whose term ends on 30 June 2012.

The board also reappointed Elina Druker, Maria Lassén-Seger and Lennart Eng to the jury for a further term, ending on 30 June 2016.

The ALMA jury consists of 12 members appointed by the board of the Swedish Arts Council.

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The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA) is the world's largest prize for children's and young adult literature. The award, which amounts to SEK 5 million, is awarded annually to a single recipient or to several. Authors, illustrators, oral storytellers and those active in reading promotion may be rewarded. The award is designed to promote interest in children's and young adult literature, and in children's rights, globally. An expert jury selects the winners from candidates nominated by institutions and organisations worldwide. The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award is administered by the Swedish Arts Council.

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