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Aspire National Training Centre achieves Quest Excellence level.

News   •   Jul 12, 2013 14:13 BST

We are very proud to have achieved a Quest Excellence level of ‘excellent’ at the latest assessment of the Aspire National Training Centre.

Quest is a tool for continuous improvement designed for the management of leisure facilities. Quest defines industry standards and good practice, and encourages their ongoing development and delivery with a customer focused approach.

Aspire National Training Centre has a two year cycle of assessments which include a mystery visit and a two-day assessment in year one followed by a second mystery visit and one-day assessment in year two. The Centre is assessed in eight core modules and five optional modules, all relating to different aspects of the Centre’s service delivery.

The assessor scores each module and then awards an overall score based on five levels from unsatisfactory to outstanding. ‘Excellent’ is the second highest level and recognises how the Centre has developed and improved.

Aspire is continually working towards the objective to influence the Leisure Industry in inclusive design and operation and we are proud to have worked with Quest to develop one of the optional modules – Access and Equity. We hope that this will encourage more leisure services to develop accessible facilities and inclusive activities, something which we also promote through InstructAbility, a programme offering free fitness industry training to disabled people.

Thank you to the Leisure Services Team for all their hard work towards this achievement. 

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