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12 Awesome Business Water Saving Tips

Blog post   •   May 24, 2016 14:43 BST

1. Burst case scenario

How many of your staff, or managers know where you water shut off valve is located? Inform your staff or relevant personnel of the whereabouts of the shut off valve should the a pipe suddenly burst.

2. Check your bills

Check your water bills every month and keep a record your consumption rates. If you ever spot a spike in the overall pattern, you could have a water leak.

3. Water recycling

Consider water recycling. You may be able to use rainwater and greywater (water that comes from sinks, showers, tubs and washing machines) in your processes. As well as saving money, you will be contributing to the enormous environmental benefits that recycling water can bring.

4. Water saving champions

Introduce competition to the workplace. Use smart meters to compare different sites’ water usage and reward the most water efficient teams.

Business Water Saving Tips Utilitywise plc

5. Love your pipes

Pipes can freeze of even burst in times of cold weather. Check that your pipes are insulated to reduce the risk of bursts (as well as providing insulation for warm pipes) and therefore prevent water wastage and damage.

6. There’s a hole in my bucket…

Check regularly for leaks, drips and other water wastage around your business. It’s easy to repair dripping taps, for example, and it could save you a bath of water every day.

7. Facts and figures

Set water efficiency targets and publish consumption information every month to show progress.

8. Dye-ing for the loo

Test toilets for leaks by pouring food colouring into cisterns. If the colouring is visible in the bowl, there’s a leak that needs to be fixed.

9. Install sub-meters

Determine how your on-site water is being used by installing sub=meters where feasible and monitor them through Utility Insight, our online system.

10. Leak alert

Encourage staff to report leaks and ensure any leaks are repaired quickly. If a leak goes unreported for days, this can waste a huge amount of water and even damage your building.

11. To clean or not to clean

Wash company cars and vans when they absolutely need it, but keep headlights, mirrors and windows clean for safety. You should also use a hose with a cut off valve while washing vehicles. Better yet, use a bucket and sponge.

12. Get advice from the experts

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