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5 bits of data needed for a simple mobile analysis

Blog post   •   Sep 18, 2014 14:21 BST

Mobile telecoms is now an important part of many businesses with many employees requiring a company mobile in order to do their job (such as sales people and community nurses). But this is an extra cost to the business and needs to be added into the budget. As part of keeping mobile costs under control it is important that businesses check bills and perform analysis on their employee's mobile use.

Below we've listed five pieces of data to pull from a mobile phone bill to help check that everything is okay.

1. The number of minutes called

For data collection we suggest collecting the amount of minutes called across all handsets as it could be very large otherwise - smaller companies might find benefit in recording it per handset. However, if you choose to collect as an overall amount or individually make sure all other data collected is consistent with that.

2. Number of calls made

Recording the number of calls made along with the amount of minutes allows businesses to work out, on average, how long most calls are within the company. This is also something a large company can collect as an overall amount for all employees rather than for individual handsets.

3. Overall cost of calls 

Because we've broken down the amount of calls made and the minutes we now have a better picture of what caused the overall cost of the bill and to see if there might be any errors.

4. Where the calls are coming from or going to

Is it an international call? Or a voicemail? To a landline or to a mobile on the same network? Different call types vary in cost so it's important to record the type of call alongside the costs to ensure the charges are correct.

5. A ranking of the most expensive calls

We recommend recording the above data as an overall group, however when logging the most expensive calls it is important to take note of which handset this call came from. From there you can ask why this call was so expensive or if it was extremely long and might be better using another form of telecommunications, such as Skype.

Recording all this data (even in just a spreadsheet) allows a business to analyse and decide if anything looks off. Is it surprising which calls are most expensive? Or that an employee with a high amount of calls shouldn't? Deciding on a time frame is a personal preference and can depend on how much your business relies on mobile communications. Whilst it is a time consuming activity it is recommended doing this to make sure there are no overcharges and that everything adds up.

And in order to properly collect this data and put it together we have created a spreadsheet for a simple telecoms analysis which you can download.

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