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5 Tips to help weight loss with your evening meal

Blog post   •   Apr 30, 2012 11:00 BST

Being aware of the food you consume can make the difference between staying healthy and putting on unwanted weight. We are all guilty of overeating from time to time with the evening meal being the main culprit, we see this as the main meal of the day and so fill our plates before sitting down to eat. There are however some simple ways to reduce the amount of food we eat and help with digestion after your evening meal.

Use smaller plates – by using smaller plates when serving food you naturally serve yourself less than when using bigger plates, this help to avoid overeating.

Stop eating when you feel full not when you have finished your plate – many of us have grown up being told to clear our plates, this approach means that many of us subconsciously overeat during meals. When you feel full your stop eating, if you have food left over pop it in the fridge for lunch the following day.

Eat slowly – enjoy your food and take your time to enjoy what you have cooked, chew your food and savour the flavour. This will help with digestion and stop you feeling bloated after eating your food too quickly.

Eat dinner earlier – if you can eat early then this will help you to digest your food before your body starts to slow down for the evening. With the modern fast paced lifestyle this is becoming increasingly difficult but can make a real difference.

Walk after – having a small walk after you have eaten helps to digest your food and will hopefully make you feel better. The exercise kick starts your body out of its post food slumber and can give a boot to energy levels. Walking is also a great way to improve your fitness and weight loss.