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7 Expert Tips For Increasing Ecommerce Conversion

Blog post   •   Jul 10, 2012 11:27 BST

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Below is a collection of some of our favourite articles based around 3 key areas many online stores can improve on to attract new customers, keep them loyal and sell more products.


Persuasive Checkout Best Practice from ASOS by Paul Rouke (PRWD) for eConsultancy

Having a usable and straightforward checkout process is paramount to your customers completing an order. In this detailed breakdown of checkout best practice, usability expert Paul Rouke demonstrates changes you can make to streamline your checkout process, using ASOS as an example. Also, don’t you want to know the one change ASOS made to their checkout that has reduced checkout abandonment by 50%?

 It Works For “You”: A User-Centric Guideline To Product Pages by Sarah Bauer (Smashing Magazine)

Product pages for ecommerce websites are often rife with ambitions: recreate the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, provide users with every last drop of product information, build a brand persona, and encourage checkout. In this article Sarah Bauer maps out why every tactic doesn’t work for every channel, and how to fix product pages gone wrong.

Lings Cars and the Art of Persuading Visitors to Buy by Paul Rouke (PRWD) for eConsultancy

Another great article from Paul Rouke. This time, he takes a site that most UX experts abhor and frequently mock on twitter (for its animated gifs and shocking colours) and points out all of the effective persuasion techniques Ling uses on her site. Now, he’s not saying you have to love it, but after reading this article, you’ll probably want to make sure some of these techniques make it into your next website update.

 SEO Based On Substance

Guidance on Building High-quality Sites by Amit Singhal (Google)

After the recent Panda update to the Google algorithm, self proclaimed “SEO ninjas” everywhere emerged from their caves and lost all of their powers. Now they actually have to create good, useful content that evokes trust and loyalty. Google Fellow, Amit Singhal lists the questions you need to ask yourself to make sure that Google classes your site as high-quality to rank higher in results.

The Art of Search for B2B: An Interview with Sam Sebastian by Clare McDermott (SoloPortfolio)

A short but informative interview with Sam Sebastian, director of local and B2B markets for Google. He answers questions about the future of search for B2B retailers.


Great Content

Writing Content that Works for a Living  by Erin Kissane (A List Apart)

Product pages are your virtual sales people. They are meant to tell the user what the product is, why it’s great and how it will make their life better, etc. Sometimes retailers can get so caught up in the nitty gritty details of a product, or industry jargon, making users feel confused… and will eventually lose a sale. In this article, content strategist, Erin Kissane, gives a case study dissecting a terrible product page, and gives workable tools for figuring out what information your users actually want to see.

How to Master the Design and Copy of Calls-to-Action Buttons by Magdalena Georgieva (HubSpot)

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the key lead generation elements, and they should be used in each and every one of your marketing tactics: emails, social media updates, press releases… the list goes on. Now, it’s obvious that HubSpot want you to buy their software, but this white paper is free, and loaded with usable and applicable advice to increase your conversions right now.


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