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A look into 4K photography.. must have feature of 2016

Blog post   •   Jan 13, 2016 10:42 GMT

Here at Panasonic, we’ve been working with some of the best known photography bloggers the UK has to offer. Using various cameras from the Lumix 4K range, the likes of Charli and Ben from, Matt from and Paul from, as well as others, have been out and about capturing fleeting moments and unique pictures shot in 4K photo mode.

4K photography is about pulling stills from video files to choose the best image possible, a great asset when trying to shoot fast-paced action. Each 4K camera from the Lumix line up boasts the ability to shoot thirty frames per second, making it easy to extract a high quality shot from a moment missed on a normal camera. Here’s a look at how the bloggers captured their magic shots...

Lumix 4K photo mode explained by

Using the Lumix GH4, Charli and Ben have summarised their #4KPhoto journey so far on the Island of Nevis in the Caribbean. From a galloping horse across the beach, picking the exact moment a cocktail drink being thrown, through to playing volleyball – Wanderlusters’ video is truly inspiring.

Lumix 4K photo editing walk-through

This video by Matt talks through the 4K photography editing process from his perspective. From finding the perfect shot, to selecting the hero image, through to editing it later – it’s all explained. Matt has been using the Lumix LX100 and explains how he came to choose his image of a bird taking off... beautiful!

Our dog in action, captured in #4KPhoto by

Another Lumix photographer hero, Paul, has had tons of fun shooting his beloved energetic dog George. Normally photography wouldn’t be able to capture the kind of shots Paul was able to, but with the help of the 4K photo mode he caught some special shots.

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