Audi A6 - Find The Best Car Leasing Special Offer

Blog post   •   Feb 07, 2011 14:19 GMT

As many in the car industry are anticipating the 2011 release of the latest Audi A6, the C7 generation, there are plenty of people still on the look out for the current A6 generation, the C6s.

Early 2004 saw the release of the latest range of the A6, which whilst not having a considerable difference in terms of styling and aesthetics to the previous generation (or in fact even the first A6s from 1994), there are some notable improvements in the C6 range, most prominently the in-car technology and the fact that it is six inches longer than previous models.

As would be expected from Audi, the A6 falls into the bracket of being affordable to some car buyers in the market but just out of the reach of those in the lower end.
That is, assuming that they’re aiming to pay for it all up front. However, should they be interested in taking advantage of car finance or car leasing special offers, then there is every possibility that they’ll be able to drive around in an A6 in no time.

Looking at the four door, 2 litre TDIe A6 as an example, which is the base model in the range, (although it is without doubt built to the typical Audi standards) buy this car outright and it will cost you in excess of 26,000 pounds.

Choose car leasing instead, however and you could be paying just 356 pounds a month (excluding VAT) to be driving around in a brand new A6.

And even if you were to set your sights on a higher model, such as the 2.7 TDI Quattro S Line with tiptronic transmission, which comes with cruise control, dual climate control and an electronic handbrake as standard, is regarded as one of the finest in its category by What Car? who said this model was “close to being pick of the range thanks to its smooth, frugal engine, first-rate refinement and comprehensive equipment” and costs just under 40,000 pounds, can be had via car leasing special offers for 500 pounds (plus VAT).

What needs to be understood about the Audi A6 and car finance and car leasing special offers is that if you’re willing to take the time to understand what it is that you’re looking for and want to ensure you get the best deal possible rather than simply handing over a sum of money which could be completely unnecessary for your needs, you’ll be able to find car leasing special offers to suit you.

From just 356 pounds a month for the basic 2 litre TDIe model of the A6 right through to 860 pounds a month for the absolutely stunning 5.2 litre FSI Quattro model, there is a car leasing option available to everyone.

And with the A6 such a versatile and highly regarded car, it’s strongly advised that you take the time to see if car finance or car leasing can provide you with an A6 for a price you want to pay – it’s almost guaranteed that they can.