ÅF opens its doors for foreign engineers

Blog post   •   Dec 02, 2015 09:56 GMT

This week fifteen engineers will visit ÅF’s headquarter in Stockholm. The visitors are graduated engineers and are studying Swedish through SFINX, which is connected to SIFA, an organisation who educates Swedish for academics that has been in Sweden less than three years.

“Everyone who visits ÅF is a graduated engineer but since they all have immigrated to Sweden from China, India, Egypt, Syria and many other countries, they lack basic knowledge in Swedish. In just one and a half year they go from being a complete beginner to having basic eligibility for university. To visit companies is a part of their education and ÅF sees a great interest in meeting these engineers and let them explore ÅF as an employer”, says William Zahir Gaziza, consultant and Employer Brand Manager at ÅF.

William will host the visit and tell them all about ÅF, what opportunities ÅF offers and how to apply for a job in the best way. During the day the engineers will also meet four consultants from different parts of ÅF to show the breadth of ÅF as an employer.

“One of the visitors has already been assigned to ÅF and it will be great to meet more engineers from SFINX. Diversity is a prerequisite to get a great mix of competences in a company and I am passionate about this issue. At the moment we don’t have an advanced cooperation with SFINX but we open our doors and hope that the engineers find ÅF as an attractive employer for the future”, says William.