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And Yodel Bear came too!

Blog post   •   Aug 04, 2015 11:27 BST

Tour leader Eileen Lyons has a much-travelled right-hand man!

Yodel Bear loves travelling. He’s been to Sicily (Treasures of Sicily) and Switzerland (Lazy Alps) already this year, but he spends most summers helping to lead the Tirolean Summer tours in the Austrian Alps. He’s smartly dressed, yodels happily and loves meeting people. A bit shy at the beginning of a tour, he soon gets well integrated in the group and gets taken to some amazing places by his new friends … glaciers, mountain railways, panorama paths, cable cars, gondolas, lakes, mountain huts and alms. Some days when he’s a bit tired he stays in the hotel and has a lazy day. This July he became especially friendly with two of our clients, Denise and Adrian, and they took some lovely photos of him playing with a snow bear, eating apple strudel and snuggling up to some other bears.

At the end of a tour I have to keep a watch in case he ends up in someone’s suitcase by mistake, and at the end of the season he goes back on the bookshelves at home, with Hadrian the Duck (Hadrian’s Wall) and Marmot who also likes the Alps, for a well-earned rest.

P.S. Not all clients love Yodel Bear but he’s very tolerant and doesn’t get upset!