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Apps to help engage employees in sustainability

Blog post   •   Dec 24, 2013 10:00 GMT

In order to reduce energy consumption and increase corporate sustainability within a business, management have to get employees on board. There are several theories behind how to do this: include them in the creation of the strategy, provide training for middle management or provide a monetary incentive.

Another strategy that has gained momentum is using an application to help employees track their sustainability efforts. Studies have shown that any engagement programme – not just sustainability engagement - yields more results if employees are allowed significant impute into the plans. Studies have also shown that employees who actively live sustainable lifestyles outside of the office are more likely to engage in sustainability practices brought up in the workplace, so many apps that are on the market also allow individuals to track their at-home efforts.

SuMo for Sustainability

SuMo is an app for Android and Apple devices that allows employees to interact with corporate sustainability in a social media-esque way. The apps works by ‘nudging’ employees to engage in management initiatives aimed at improving sustainability.



PACT works with organisations to help them develop a sustainability strategy suited for them and their staff. The creators also offer various incentives such as discounts from green retailers and the chance to be mentioned in a monthly newsletter for their company’s efforts.


In organisations with big offices employees sharing cars can be an effective way to reduce carbon footprint. However if there aren’t many people in the office with homes in close proximity, liftshare is an excellent way for them to find someone who works in a nearby office block (and lives nearby their house).



Another app designed with lift sharing in mind (there are several out there, if neither of these seem right have a Google). However, unlike, this one has been designed with corporations in mind and has an impressive client list including Thomas Cook and PC World.


Green IT

Whilst not designed specifically for employee engagement purposes, this app designed by German company SAP is aimed at greening up the IT department and getting that section of the organisation on board with sustainability.


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