Are you invoicing smart?

Blog post   •   Jul 12, 2017 12:30 BST

Getting your invoicing right delivers real benefits for cashflow, customer satisfaction and compliance with HMRC requirements. But without efficient processes, invoicing can be costly, time consuming and prone to human error.

Talk to the experts

Neopost have unrivalled experience in sending and receiving business communications. Our solutions efficiently manage the design, production and distribution of invoices by any combination of mail, email and on-line. Here’s how Neopost’s solutions can help you to be invoicing smart:

Get Paid Faster

Create and distribute invoices electronically and get paid quickly.

Enable Prompt Payment

Reduce the time your accounts payable department takes to process invoices and settle disputes.

Peace of Mind

Neopost’s invoicing software show when an email has been received and opened to provide you reassurance.

Save Money

Remove printing, postage and filling costs and reduce manpower requirements through automation.

Increase Productivity

Save staff time filling envelopes.

Improve Data Accuracy

Eliminate manual data entry errors, reduce the risk – and costs of disputes with automation.

Customer Satisfaction

Pay bills faster, avoid disputes, strengthen supplier relationships and enhance customer relationships.

Improve Cashflow

Remove delays associated with manual invoice and payment processing.

End to End Automation

Simplify and streamline process for you and your customers.

Keep digital records

Store digital records of all invoices and supporting documents.

Make sure you’re invoicing smart and book a free process audit with one of our invoicing experts. Visit