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Battle between the ‘Three’: Nokia vs Samsung vs Apple

Blog post   •   Jul 08, 2012 15:56 BST

With the boom in mobile industry, each brand is manufacturing one or the other finest products to confer a cut-throat competition to their competitors. The next generation technologies are evolving in the mobile market to enhance the productivity as well as the quality of the handsets. There is no end to the emerging mobile handsets with great technicality and specifications. The features of the newest phones that are launched everyday are always getting better than the previous ones. The evolution of latest advancements is helping the customers at a great extent. Some of the most special and well known brands in the mobile industry are Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Samsung, and the list just do not end here itself.

The popularity of the handsets provided by these companies is increasing day by day due to the innovative features embedded in the phones. Nokia, Samsung and Apple are some of the top brands that are into competition. These are giving a hard-core competition to each other’s products on the basis of their quality, features, battery life, cameras, sound quality, etc. Now-a-days, we have various options to choose from. Every day there is a new product in the market whether it is a mobile industry or not. There is a huge run where several industries are into competition with one another.

When we talk about Nokia, nothing could be as trustworthy as this brand. No wonder this company has captured the mind and souls of people by gaining their trust with its overwhelming performance in the mobile world. By providing ultimate satisfaction to its customers, it has always been on the top. On the other hand, when we look upon Samsung and its products, these are also not that bad. In fact you will be surprised to know that these are giving tough competition to the Nokia phones as well. In spite of all, the brand that is into limelight is Apple, which has broken all records and beaten each and every brand by launching its super awesome products.

The results of the previous researches have shown that Apple is rising at a wide rate. The growth and rising technology of Apple has been on the third largest position now. Being one of the unknown brands, it has conquered all other brands. The first number is of Nokia, the second is Samsung and the third goes to Apple leaving behind all other brands like Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG, and many others. So, it is quite visionary from the above lines about the result.