BMW 1 Series - What You Will Get For Your Money

Blog post   •   Feb 07, 2011 14:15 GMT

BMW is known for their luxurious, powerful and spacious vehicles that are aesthetically pleasing and very reliable.  The positioning of the brand is that it offers cars for the upper middle to the top end of the market and most BMW drivers agree that you typically get what you pay for. So what happens if BMW decides to make a smaller vehicle than usual and slightly change the styling while adjusting some of the features and luxuries?

The answer is BMW 1 Series –a great range from a top car maker. What Car? Says it is an “enjoyable drive” with “communicative steering” While Top Gear says it is a “good small car”. The 1 Series achieves this by keeping as much of the BMW traditions in place as possible whilst also ensuring that the price tag is as low as it can be.

When you think of BMWs in general and the price tag you’re likely to think of it costing £30,000 and £50,000. With the BMW 1 Series, however, choose the 116i ES trim and you’ll be looking at handing over just £17,610 from new to get the car on the road – that’s only £3,000 more than if you were to go out and buy a car that most would consider to be more middle of the market, such as a new Renault Megane.

If the big ticket of the total cost is a little hard to swallow, then the BMW 1 Series is very accessible with some of the forms of car finance such as car leasing. For as little as £225 (ex VAT) per month over 4 years for a business or £275 per month (including VAT) for a personal shopper this car is very accessible.

Whilst it’s clear that you can grab yourself a BMW for a competitive price, some have argued that you don’t get the true BMW experience. This isn’t true. You’re going for a smaller model in the range so things aren’t going to be as spacious as they would be for a 5 Series but accordingt o many reviews there’s no skimping on the quality of the car.

For instance, on the standard 116i ES model alone you get the intuitive Auto Start-Stop engine feature, 16 inch allow wheels, a Thatcham Category 1 alarm, halogen headlights, dynamic braking, stability and traction controls, air conditioning, an on board computer and a particularly high quality sound system, which includes an auxiliary point for connections with external devices.

When you look at the fact you can drive around in a brand new BMW 1 Series, full of many of the bells and whistles that you’d expect to find in a full size for a little over £200 per month, it’s easy to understand why this range is so popular.