Business continuity management is not boring, but the video could be

Blog post   •   Feb 01, 2017 14:42 GMT

Have you watched (or even been forced to watch) a business continuity management (BCM) video? Perhaps it was during your training, or as the business continuity manager when you tried to convince the organization to invest in BC capabilities?

Whatever the reason was, the question is, just how much did it actually inspire you, let alone those we needed to convince? Did it change perceptions of BC as an excellent valuable capability, would it inspire others to want to have it? Was it made for all types of businesses? Inclusive or exclusive?

The chances are, it was one of those videos which have become so typically synonymous with the profession. An expensive looking film, staged in a corporate world with lots of glass, suits, ties and a presenter that speaks in an ultra serious, monotone fashion. I don't blame the actors of course, they're just being directed to play the part.

BCM is not dull, but our methods of showcasing it can be

I have just checked the calendar and it really is 2017! Yet today, we still pin our hopes on the same format of media to 'sell' BCM to new professionals and organizations. We appear to want to stay with tradition - the corporate world of 'entertainment' - which only serves to entertain the corporate markets. Perhaps because such videos are generally commissioned by the corporate resilience providers, who are attracted only to that type of market. Bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

But I am a realist; a relator who empathizes with all businesses, regardless of their size and complexity. We want to take BCM to all businesses, make them understand, relate to and want business resilience. Of course, 100% BCM is a serious, strong and resilient (excuse the pun) subject, but in order for it to reach and appeal to a much wider audience, my intuition tells me we need to be more 'today,' to make it happen.

Yesterday has gone, so embrace today

We need to make and utilise, great content that has more 'life' about it, because resilience is about life. We need to document more personality, character and realism if our content is to resonate fully with all people and their businesses, especially those who may want and need some form of BCM.

The connection between business and personal resilience is so underestimated

I love music and I love BCM

I love spinning, walking, sport, eating chocolate and ironing! But I am not boring. I have a personality, and so too do the people in the BC profession. So let's look to, and use, our strengths and opportunities, rather than our inherent weaknesses and threats, and show the world that BCM is not boring!

Focus on our strengths and opportunities, not our traditional weaknesses and threats

2017 really can be an amazing year for business resilience if we really want to make it happen. But our actions have to match our ambitions. Actions speak louder than words!

My instinct says that if I can go and do this 60 second clip below, just by using my iPhone without looking like a standard BCM video, then surely we, as a profession, who annually bestow 'personality of the year' awards, can actually go and show a bit more personality and character (actions that match our ambitions), and make it happen like it's 2017!

Inspire others to want to know what BCM is

We are embracing 'today' to entertain, educate and engage with people in relation to business resilience. We want to document our journey and make resilience more mainstream and accessible for all businesses and we have changed our approach.

Make it happen, make it real.

Paul Kudray AMBCI is a Fellow of the EPC and a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. In addition, he is a Lead Auditor of ISO 22301 for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS). Paul has over 35 years’ experience of Emergency Management and BCM. In 2014 he founded his own consultancy and now works with clients across the world. He is an excellent forward thinking resilience innovator and blogger.