Cabana's been framed!

Blog post   •   Mar 23, 2012 16:26 GMT

If you don’t already know, our favourite Brasilian restaurant Cabana is based on the positive philosophy ‘tudo bem’. It means ‘everything’s good’ and is a wonderful expression that captures the relentlessly optimistic approach that defines Brasilian life. Everyone in Brasil has a ‘tudo bem tale’ that sums up what this spirit is all about, and the Cabana founders loved discovering these stories as they sourced the furnishings that diners find all around them.

In fact, the tales were too good not to share with everyone, so we’ve framed and hung them around the restaurants. Not only do they give customers a bit of background on the restaurant’s quirky setting, but these tales of kite ceilings, favela inspired toilets, vintage posters and recycled crayon blocks, also act as cheerful reminders of what the Cabana brand is all about.