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Cape Verde Verse - Angus Robertson

Blog post   •   Feb 03, 2011 17:04 GMT

Undiscovered Cape Verde – 5th November – 20th November

“When I told my friends I was off to Cape Verde
That was a place of which they’d never heard
You’re no longer young is it really ok?
To go alone to somewhere so far away
I told them there was nothing to heed
Get myself to Heathrow and someone would lead
And it’s there we came across our Jenny
As a leader she’s outstanding among the many
Ex history teachers can look quite severe
But our leader Jenny was really a dear
We arrived late at Praia and squeezed into a bus
That really could not hold both the luggage and us
Through dug up streets at the dead of night
Pulling our luggage without much light
We asked ourselves just what the hell
But things got better I’m pleased to tell
Praia Town wasn’t really much cop
But the countryside around really made us gawp
Butterflies, birds, beaches and flowers
Ancient capital, remote villages, all were ours
Then shock, horror a four o’clock rise
Catching a plane to Mindelo still rubbing our eyes
There we spent two pleasant days
Swimming, walking, exploring -no time to laze
Then by boat and bus to Ponto do Sol
Where eggs were scarce, and no hot water at all
But the walks made up for any little failing
We even had fishermen took us sailing
The walks were tough, up, up, up and higher
Most of us oldies really did tire
But what rewards there were to delight
Seascapes, friendly folk -many a pleasant sight
Then to San Domingo by sea and air
It was nearly midnight when we got there
Hot water, hearty breakfasts -a different terrain
And lots of new things to tempt us again
And so many thanks Jenny our mentor
For leading us safely round each centre
As we set out on each exciting day
Her smiles and humour helped us on our way
For your attention to delay and your care
And for all the adventures we did share”