Cardboard Balers

Cardboard Balers Machine Advice

Blog post   •   Feb 17, 2017 14:10 GMT

Using a cardboard baler is a very beneficial piece of equipment for businesses that produce a constant flow of cardboard, no matter what the quantities. A cardboard baler comes in a range of sizes to suit the needs of any business.

A cardboard baler is effectively a replacement for cardboard bins and when comparing the two, it is easy to see why the cardboard baler is a more advantageous piece of kit. Without it, all cardboard is likely to be chucked in a bin to await collection from a waste management company, who probably charge to rent the bins as well. In order to maximise space in these bins, flat-packing has to take place. Whole cardboard boxes are voluminous and take up all the space in bins in no time, flat-packing helps this but it is time consuming and reduces the labour hours of staff. The bins are also likely to be emptied on a weekly or fortnightly basis at a fixed cost per bin. It doesn’t matter if a bin is completely full or half full, it will still cost the same; the emptying of a half full bin is just a waste of money. Lastly there is the amount of space bins use up in the waste area of businesses. The 1100 litre bin is a common sight outside businesses, they are noticeably large and an eyesore.

Compare all this with a solitary cardboard baler. The baler handles whole cardboard boxes, so labour can be saved on flat-packing. Cardboard bales can be collected free or cheaply by a recycler instead of expensive collections from a waste management business. Lastly, a cardboard baler’s small footprint gives it the flexibility to be placed indoors or outdoors and it reduces space in the bin area, as the cardboard bins are no longer required.