Stoke Park

​Charge up and go!

Blog post   •   Nov 25, 2016 16:42 GMT

Do you own an electric vehicle – if yes, this blog is for you!

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity due to the benefits including cost advantages over petrol, the experience of a quiet and smooth drive and reduced environmental impacts as no tailpipe emissions are produced. With these advantages in mind, we have recently installed new electric charging units in our car park, complimentary for our Members and guests.

With a high concern for environmental responsibility we are committed to help improve air quality for our community and encouraging the use of electric vehicles is just one way this can be done. Whilst electric cars are a great way forward, their driving range is short and recharging points are currently limited; hence we are helping to overcome this by providing the opportunity to charge up whilst visiting us. Finally, it makes a trip to Stoke Park even more worthwhile than before... Whilst you enjoy the fantastic facilities we have to offer, your car can get the recharge it needs.

There are various charging units in specified locations to suit your particular car model...

As you drive into the car park, just beyond the Crèche in parking bays to your left, you will find:

  • 2 x Tesla chargers
  • 2 x Type 1 chargers – for Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi Outlander, Renault

Or if neither of these chargers are compatible for your car, drive further down the car park to the corner of the outdoor tennis courts, where there is:

  • 1 x Type 2 charger – for BMW, Lexus

Additionally, each unit is illuminated in blue at night so that their locations can easily be identified.

Just in case we don’t have the correct connection for you, there is also a 13 amp socket below each of the Type 1 and 2 chargers for customers to plug in to.

If you have any queries regarding our electric vehicle charging units, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Maintenance team or Head of Security.