Digitising your business, at your customers' pace

Blog post   •   May 26, 2016 11:00 BST

Reasons to choose output management software - Reason 2

Ask any organisation about their priorities for the coming year and they will likely rank digitisation as number one. Everyone wants to be paper-free but a complete digital overhaul can be complex and requires investment. In fact, in a new study by Xerox, IT decision-makers confidently predict that within two years only nine percent of key business processes will run on paper. However, more than half admit that their processes are still largely, or entirely, paper-based. 

About one in three says they still use paper, not email, to communicate with customers. This is bad for them and their customers, who increasingly want to be contacted digitally. Output Management Software supports multiple communication channels, empowering you to make the transition from printed to digital communications seamlessly and at a pace that suits you and your customers.

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